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Some of my Product Spotlights

Organic Defence HAND SPRAY

Ever more in demand now, but I have been using this for years it is very kind to my hands (I have sensitive skin). I use it in the Salon and carry one in my rucksack for use between classes.  It smells of Lemongrass which I love and does not leave the hands feeling sticky at all.

Reviving White Tea Eye Gel

This is the first face product that had me sold on Neals Yard products, having had a pretty simple regime of wash face and moisturise . . . This was certainly an eye opener! 

It has a cooling effect and when you use it, it helps you to feel your eyes are more open, refreshed and awake! I have been using ever since and it never lets me down you don't need much the small sample sachets were lasting me 2 days before I took the plunge and bought myself a bottle.

Create your own Hair & Body Wash

I recently got into making my own shower gel and adding the wonderful essential oils that I love - Neroli & Lavender to start.

Then after the mosquitoes began to emerge this summer and I started getting bites, I thought I would try a shower gel with Citronella, Lemongrass & Lavender, which actually smells good as the citronella essential oil is much nicer than the off the shelf products you buy where it can be overly pungent.

So far, not one bite since, and the oils are absorbed by the skin, so with me showering every day the oil is always going to be topped up and working!

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