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Bespoke symbols for healing Calming Waters / Hakini Flower

Published 23 December 2018 | By zoe@silver-spiral.co.uk

Having read through Taggart Kings' article (Reiki Evolution) a few months back regarding creating your own tailor made symbols to work with the energy, I found myself discussing this with students at my last Reiki Master Teacher Course.

You can read what Taggart had to say here: Create your own bespoke Reiki Symbols

As a background to this offering, I feel I should share with you that I do not often use the symbols during a treatment, as I tend to favour the kototama, jumon mantras. (word spirit)

However, I was inspired by our discussion on the first day of our Master Teacher Course Mid November. I awoke in the early hours to discover I was thinking about the creation of a symbol to calm agitation, this was influenced by an image my sister gave me when we were younger. She advised me that when it feels like you have butterfly's in your tummy instead of visualising them flying erratic and all over the place, feel and visualise that they are flying around together in formation in a slow circular motion.

I am pleased share these symbols with you, so that you have the opportunity to discover what you feel and make of them.

Personally, I have been very surprised by the effectiveness of this one for calming anything from digestive discomfort to mental and emotional agitation, it seems to have the same effect as the butterfly's smoothing out the flow, creating a sense of balance.
I have been drawing this one out on various places of the body using my intuition.

Before I was able to drift off to sleep, I knew i wasn't finished creating! My thoughts were of how sadly, there is such an increase of dementia and confusion today. What if there was a symbol to aid focus and concentration? Immediately I had my answer The flow of this symbol created with one line, incorporating Past, Present & Future within an infinite line. I see the petals representing these and the circle at the base as stillness. The symbol to me has similar qualities to Hakini Mudra (Boosting memory, increasing concentration focus and promoting calmness) - Hence naming this symbol Hakini Flower, when translated Hakini means Power, so this is our Power Flower!

When using this symbol I have been drawing over the forehead with the base circle over the third eye. There are no rules here, apart from your intention that these are used for the highest good. Follow your intuition and see how they work for you.

I would be very interested in any feedback you may have when using these symbols. zoe@silver-spiral.co.uk

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