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Zoe Smith's a lovely lady
Who's very very cool,
if you don't use her for your therapies
I would say you are a fool.
Reflexology and EFT,
Reiki and yoga too,
She even plays the bass guitar
There's nothing she can't do.
So if you need a treatment,
Just call her for advice,
She'll book you an appointment
And give a cracking price.
I just tried the EFT
And it's really helped me plan
A way for me to lose some weight
So, I'm her biggest fan.
Jacqui, Essex - October 2017

I found my EFT session with Zoe amazingly up-lifting. I knew the basics of what I was hoping to expect from my session as this had been clearly explained to me beforehand. However,  I couldn’t believe how  euphoric I  felt .  I had an ongoing issue that I needed to tackle and with Zoe’s insight, skill and clear direction it was  as if it just  dissolved into thin air. It left me feeling refreshed, positive and free from negativity. I cannot recommend Zoe highly enough. EFT is a wonderful, simple to follow, unobtrusive  therapy and the results are virtually instant. It is accessible to all and I defy anyone not to get something positive from their EFT session with Zoe.

Ruth, Essex - February 2017

When I made the appointment with Zoe for an EFT session I was open minded about what to expect. I had never experienced EFT before, although I had heard about it. To be honest, my only thought of concern was: “what if Zoe doesn’t quite understand the issue I would like to address?” I needn’t have worried about that. Zoe turned out to be a very kind, calm and patient person and she felt immediately where I was coming from.  She gave me space and time to word my feelings and the session turned out to be a success. The process was so simple, yet extremely profound. I was astonished how quickly the shift happened once I used the right words to accompany the tapping. Afterwards I felt calm and relaxed. This suggests that I had released quite a bit during the session. This calmness and peace has stayed with me until now. The next day at home I shed a few more tears releasing more stress. A couple of nights later I had a vivid dream about the issue, which was a sign to me that the healing effect of the EFT was still continuing at a deeper level within. I am glad I made the appointment and I would recommend EFT with Zoe to anyone who needs to free themselves from an emotional issue.

Elisabeth, Essex – November 2016

At first I wasn't sure what to expect from eft. 

Would it make a difference? Did I really need it? Could tapping points on the body really make me calmer more in control and more accepting of myself?

As of yet the latter is still to be discovered, however walking into Zoe's beautiful calm therapy space I immediately felt at ease and ready to try my hand at easing my unnecessary anxiety. Professionally and expertly Zoe guided us both through pathways of tapping certain points on the body while talking through scenarios of when my anxiety occurred, within minutes of discovering the right phrases that really tapped (excuse the pun) into the causes of some of my anxiousness I began to feel much calmer and content with myself my choices and my decisions. Whether you believe it is something for you or not having an hour to really tune into yourself and create calm in you life is well worth it and Zoe facilitates this with professionalism, no judgement and a genuine want to help and heal people.

Esme, Essex - July 2016

"I would highly recommend this form of therapy to anyone! Not only does it feel great physically to have the emotion shifted but it will leave you feeling awesome mentally. Zoe's intuition adds another level of proficiency to the EFT experience. Namaste :)"

Sarah, Essex - July 2016

"I enjoyed my first EFT session and found it very interesting.  After the session I meditated (as I often do) however, this time I actually fell asleep!  I felt very relaxed. When we began the session I had a lot of discomfort in my neck and wrist, during the session this completely disappeared! However, after a short while it returned. My neck is noticeably less painful, but my wrists are as painful as usual" 

Sandra, France - July 2016

 (note: further sessions and a personal tapping practice would reduce reoccurrence of pain) 

"I highly recommend EFT. I was absolutely amazed at how I felt after just one session. I had an EFT session on a fear I have.  On a scale of 10-0, I started on a 10 and with discussing where the problem first arose, and with a few exercises of EFT/tapping these gradually decreased to a 0.  I felt energised and lifted after this session.  I know that I will be able to cope with my phobia easier after this but am confident that with another session it will go completely.


I also had an EFT session on an anxiety issue.  During my session I realised a physiological reason I was anxious and it had a positive effect with helping me cope.  I will also practice the tapping sequence if I feel anxious in the future.


I was really surprised with how I felt after the session.  I did not expect to have such good results on my two problems in the one session. Zoe made the whole process so comfortable and it was easy to talk to her and understand the process."

Anne, Essex - July 2016




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