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Energy Cleansing - Spaces

Just like a spring clean, it is great to remove any stuck/old/negative energies from your home and living areas, and you can also intentionally charge them up with your chosen emotion. (e.g) Joy, Peace, Love, Happiness, Romance.

You can use a burning incense stick, light a candle, Reiki symbols CKR & SHK (If you know them) or a pendulum. (Please use burning items responsibly, Silver Spiral will not be held accountable for any mishaps). 

If you are doing your whole house take a room at a time. 

(Example below: Lounge area/incense stick)

Set your intention: Say "I am going to cleanse this Lounge area of any stuck, old, unhelpful negative energy"

Protection:  Place yourself in protection (e.g) visualise the White/Gold light and say 'I place myself in protection from the highest source of love and light" 

Invite your Guides/Angels/Deity of choice: (e.g) I invite my guide who wishes to work with me while I energy cleanse the house.

Light your incense stick: take care while carrying it around with you, maybe have a holder to catch the ash

Pick a corner to start in: Stand facing the corner, about 0.5 - 1m away (depending on space)

Say out loud: I ask that all negative energies and enteritis on any and all levels, leave this space, and go to the light to be transformed, repeat a couple of times, feel the energy shift.

Give thanks: Say "blessings be and thank you" and move onto the next corner. Once all the corners are done, you can do the same for doorways/windows alcoves and fireplaces. Lastly do the centre of the room.

Room complete: Say "I have cleared this Lounge area of all negative energies and entities I ask that the room now be filled with the energy of Joy (you choose)

Gratitude: Thank your guide/guides for helping you cleanse and charge the Lounge area, move onto the next room.

You can also do the same for outside areas (e.g) Patios/gardens and the garage! 

Note - Wardrobes and cupboards usually need some attention too, open the doors and do inside. It is also a good idea to do this for any item of second hand furniture you bring into your home.

Any stubborn areas which do not feel like the energy is shifting, and ask for your guides to help you, say "Please help me guides, shift all negative energies and entities on any and all levels from this space, I ask them to GO to the light and be transformed. (Be assertive).

Finally after the whole house is done; It is nice to end with the pyramid protection "As above and So below"

If you are considering doing the workplace and need privacy, maybe go to work early or stay late, but if that is just not possible you can try drawing a rough sketch of your work space and visualise the whole cleansing practice corner by corner, whilst in the privacy of your own home. It is better to say the words out loud if you can. 


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