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Spiritual Protection


Using visualisations and setting your intension will help to restore and strengthen your spiritual protection. 

It is good to settle with a few deep breaths beforehand, if possible. (This will help focus your intension).

White/Gold light bathing

Visualise you are sitting in and are surrounded by a beam of white or gold light, flowing from above your head covering your whole body and beneath you into the earth. Say to yourself "I place myself in protection, from the highest source of love and light"

Scattered Energy

If you feel you have spread yourself a little thin, energetically - you can also add the following lines to the White/gold light bathing: Say to yourself "I bring all of myself, home to myself" (take a moment to visualise and feel your energy returning to your body). Say "My spirit is strong, my entire being is radiant and full"

As above, so below

You can also place yourself, house or car etc. in protection by visualising a pyramid above yourself/house/car and a pyramid below. Creating a huge diamond shape surrounding/engulfing the item for protection. Say to yourself "I place myself/house/car in protection - As above and so below"

Light a candle

The simple act of lighting a candle can also clear away negative energy, I like to think of a loved one in spirit and dedicate the lighting in their honour.

Reflecting negative words/emotion

When you are on the receiving end of some negative/hurtful words or emotions, try visualising you are standing within a column made of mirrors (or a mirror ball) reflecting outwards. (this will reflect any negative emotion back to the person), as they end up on the receiving end of what they are dishing out, they will often back down as it is reflected back at them. It is good practice (if you can) to also send out loving/healing energy to the person, as this can also calm them. It is very beneficial to cleanse yourself of any negative energy after an encounter or a tough day.



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