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I recently had, a most wonderful reflexology experience, from therapist Zoe Smith, and I wanted to share it, to help those who maybe wondering if a reflexology treatment with Zoe would be of benefit to them. Over the years I’ve had many reflexology sessions, as I quickly came to understand the many healing benefits I gained by having this powerful therapy.  That being said, in my experience not all reflexologists share the same level of ability, I’ve found that some are much more skilled than others.  During my session with Zoe, she applied exactly the right amount of pressure to my feet throughout, she was very thorough and quickly identified the areas of concern, then using her techniques, she worked on, then cleared all the energy blockages.  I could feel those ‘fluttering’ sensations in my body, as the tensions were released by Zoe whilst she was working on the corresponding reflexology points on my feet.  In my opinion that’s always a good sign!

I had a great reflexology experience with Zoe, I left the session totally relaxed, and feeling like I was walking on air.  Therefore, I thoroughly recommend Zoe for an awesome reflexology treatment.

Carol, Essex - November 2017

Zoe has a number of therapies under her belt and I was lucky enough to have a reflexology treatment with her recently. After filling out a medical questionnaire we progressed to the treatment which was blissful. She has a nice firm touch, so no tickley moments and my feet felt amazing afterwards. A wonderful treatment that made me feel deeply relaxed. Thank you Zoe.

Jacqui, Essex - October 2017

Reflexology with Zoe is excellent and relaxing. It calms everything down, it is levelling and a complete re-set for the mind and body. Amazingly I felt really comfortable in the chair/lounger as I can find it difficult to sit comfortably for any length of time usually. I would recommend this treatment to anyone, an enjoyable way to spend an hour.

Tim, Essex - October 2017

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