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Journeys can be used for many purposes, 
they can be used to gain insight to help resolve a particular situation or to receive guidance on how to work through a personal problem or health issue.

The aim of the journey, will be agreed beforehand to ensure that you and your practitioner set this as your intention before drumming. If there is no particular aim then the intention will be that the journey will bring you the insight that Spirit wishes to show you in accordance with your highest good.


One important difference between Reiki Drum journeys and shamanic drum journeys is the presence of Reiki throughout the session. The repetitive drum facilitates the shift in consciousness needed to journey, while the Reiki energy gives protection to you as you journey, supporting the intention that the journey is for the highest good. The healing energy helps release blockages and integrate the insights they receive on the journey.


Example Journeys:

Meet your Power Animal

The Power of thought

Journeying into the past (or even past life) to facilitate healing

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Single Session 60mins = £35 / 3 Sessions = £90

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Instructor: Zoe Smith


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