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What is a Reiki Drum treatment?

Drumming for healing and meditation is an ancient practice. In tribal cultures the power of sound over the body and spirit is well known, and now in the western world there is research supporting this - making this ancient wisdom more palatable to modern minds. Research shows that brain activity is affected by drumming, and there are studies showing how the sounds of a drum can help with illness and emotional trauma. Group drumming has been linked with improving the immune systems, helping Alzheimer's patients, building self esteem, and supporting recovering drug addicts and alcoholics. These studies are hinting at what has been known by shamanic practitioners over the ages, and shamans today still know as they practice what is often known as medicine drumming.


Reiki Drum treatments, use the drum to introduce Reiki into the client's body, shifting blockages and rebalancing the energy field. The bringing together of these two systems means that the energy of the drum becomes gentle, protective and works for the highest good of the client just as in a normal Reiki treatment.


Treatment options

The Reiki Drum technique is the fusion of Reiki and shamanic medicine drumming, the technique is broken down into three main types if session: the basic Reiki Drum healing, where the drum is used intuitively over the client's body to deliver a deep healing treatment, followed by a hands-on Reiki session to fully integrate the work and ground the client; the mental/emotional reprogramming technique, where the intuitive drum treatment is combined with the use of powerful positive affirmations to support growth; and the Reiki Drum journey technique, where the practitioner uses the drum to take the client into a deep meditative state to receive insight, spiritual guidance and healing.

Where is the treatment carried out?

Your Reiki Drum session is carried out in the beautiful Holistic room at 'Natural Beauty', 3 Century Mews, Church Road, Tiptree Essex CO5 0AB. 

FREE Parking at nearby Tesco (limited to 3 hours)

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Instructor: Zoe Smith

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