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Spiritual Toolbox

A collection of basic practices to keep our energy cleansed and clear both in our bodies and the spaces we live and work in.

'You could cut the tension with a knife

This thick heavy energy tension is created by arguments or negative emotion, and is left behind for others to step into unwittingly! Regular cleansing and clearing (spring cleaning) the energy and charging it with the energy you would like to feel (e.g) positive, loving, creative, playful, you can create a pleasant/nurturing environment for you and all your family members (including pets).

Energy Drainers

Sometimes we forget to protect ourselves when listening to and attaching ourselves to others predicaments and worries. Caregivers are in a vulnerable position if they give constantly of themselves forgetting to top up their energy reserves. Some people we know could be a constant drain on our energy . . i.e family members, friends, boss, co-worker, we do not want to avoid these people, and in many cases we cannot, but we can do something about it with a few helpful techniques. 

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