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Client Feedback - Yoga Classes

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 Keep Moving Yoga

I have practiced yoga for about 6 years but recently, I have been treated for breast cancer. Following my mastectomy and subsequent chemotherapy, it was such a relief to find a class designed specifically for people in a similar position to me. 

The classes are welcoming and gentle, encouraging movement and using the breath to increase mindfulness; Zoe’s classes have helped me to feel confident that I will return to physical fitness when this is all over.  I would recommend Zoe and Keep Moving Yoga to beginners and experienced yogis.

Julie, Colchester Essex, May 2020

Chair Yoga

Here after my first term I’d also like to say that I love your sessions. I had never done any yoga before, but I like it enormously, and I think you are a wonderful teacher, fully inclusive, explaining everything really well and giving out so very positive vibes. As my severe arthritis stops me from doing any other kind of exercises, I am very, very happy to have found this. Incidentally, I have already successfully stopped a hick-up three times with the mudra you showed us – it absolutely works!

Jutta, Tiptree Essex, January 2020

Chair Yoga

Hi Zoe, love your yoga chair classes on thurs a.m.s so relaxing and lovely ladies x

Yvonne, Colchester Essex, September 2019

Hatha Yoga

I really love your Yoga class on Tuesday morning. The class has a lovely atmosphere and everyone is friendly. I thought your class would be too difficult for me but you reassured me that we can all go at our own pace and somehow we all mostly manage to synchronise the movements. You also show us alternative ways of doing the exercises to find the best one for us! What I also like about your class is the soft music in the background and I really love the breathing exercises when we breathe to the beat of the drum  which I found so good for my breathing. I really hope I can continue coming to you class for a long time. Look forward to seeing you on Tuesday ????xx
Sylvia, Tiptree Essex, September 2019

Hatha Yoga

I can't thank you enough Zoe, for introducing me to the benefits of  Hatha Yoga. I have felt so much better, both physically and mentally since coming to your Monday morning class.

Being able to go at my own pace as the class is so relaxed and friendly it has helped my physical ailments and the breathing techniques and relaxation has helped me learn to control my anxieties. Like most people, I didn't look forward to Monday mornings, now I love them!!

Sophie, Kelvedon Essex, August 2019

Hatha Yoga

I have had several yoga classes with Zoe. She always provides alternatives, gives guidance and there is no pressure put upon you.  Zoe has a very calming nature about her and is very friendly and supportive.

Michelle, Basildon Essex, July 2019

Chair Yoga
Having suffered a life changing health issue I never thought I would be able to do yoga again. Chair yoga has helped me get back an important part of my life I thought was lost. Zoe is a very kind, compassionate yogi who has supported me without judgement to reconnect with yoga and my body. The class is soothing and has supported me to feel less anxious and helped me sleep. 

Emma, Colchester Essex, June 2019

Congratulations Anne, for attending 100 Chair Yoga classes!

"Wow!!! That’s amazing!! Thank you so much Zoe. I have to reiterate my gratitude for your expertise and care. You probably don’t know how much you have helped me. When I first started classes I was still in the early stages of recovery and was really somewhat disabled. I had begun to think that this would be permanent and I felt old and irrelevant. Your skill and care have changed all that. I move so much more easily and am physically stronger. Psychologically the improvement is also significant.

I look forward to my sessions and enjoy them so much - I just wish they were longer!!!

Thank you so much. I will be forever grateful”.

Anne, Essex, April 2019

Hatha Yoga

Your class was the best yoga class I've ever been to.  Absolutely first class. 

It wasn't too difficult (but difficult enough), the speak of valuing ourselves, the drum, the relaxation part (which didn't feel rushed like other ones I've been to). 

You weren't too serious and there was a nice relaxed vibe going on within the group (I once got told off for drinking water during another yoga class! No joke!). 

Basically it was the perfect 'holistic' approach, which I'm guessing is what yoga should be all about? So 10 out of 10. I'll be coming back as often as I can (depending on work). So my advice to you would be don't change a single thing!

Ian, Essex, Nov 2017

Hatha Yoga

I thoroughly enjoy Zoe's yoga classes, she is a lovely teacher. I very much look forward to my class each week.

Tina, Colchester Essex, May 2017

Hatha Yoga

Great classes that have the right mix of serious yoga taught in a relaxed atmosphere, Zoe puts everyone at ease and explains all the postures with attention to detail. All equipment that you need is provided until you get hooked and buy your own!

Alison, Maldon Essex, May 2017

Chair Yoga

Had my first chair yoga class with Zoe yesterday. She is an excellent teacher and wish I had started earlier!

Judith, Colchester Essex, April 2017

Hatha Yoga

Love the new hall (messing) and had one of the best Yoga evenings in a long time! Thanks Zoe

Wendy, Essex, Jan 2017

Hatha Yoga

I really recommend Zoe's Yoga classes - she is such a good teacher and I always feel the benefits to both body and mind. A couple of months ago I experienced a very stressful week finishing my Masters dissertation and it left me with insomnia even when I'd handed it in! The following week I did Zoe's class and felt so relaxed and rebalanced afterwards and had a great night's sleep too.

Julie, Colchester Essex, August 2016

Chair Yoga

Excellent Chair Yoga classes! I like the way the content of each class is a progression from the week before. Zoe quickly learned names and she refers to us by name. Also Zoe continually checks with us all as to the way the practice makes us feel. Also she ensures that we are working at our own level and not competitively. I like all the aspects of class but maybe those that work on specific areas of the body. I also enjoy the breathing exercises which aim to lengthen the exhalation. I am pleased that we are practising balance exercises. The venue (Messing Village Hall) is excellent: Bright, airy, warm and comfortable. I'm so grateful that you offer seated classes. Thank you.

Anne, Essex, June 2016

Hatha Yoga

I found Zoe whilst looking for a way to rehabilitate a shoulder injury back in July 2013. If you participate in a contact sport and end up with a few bumps and scrapes (or have a physically demanding job) the yoga Zoe teaches is great for stretching everything out and making you feel relaxed and energised. The classes are fun and I always leave feeling better than when I arrived. I cannot recommend Zoe as a yoga teacher highly enough.

Stephen, Essex, April 2016

Hatha Yoga

Zoe is a great yoga teacher, I have been going to her classes for over 2 years and through her teaching I feel much more confident in attaining the positions. She is also perfect for beginners, not pushing beyond your capabilities and making the classes enjoyable and lighthearted. A wonderful introduction to yoga!

Helen, Maldon Essex, April 2016


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