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Specialist yoga for people living with or recovering from cancer

This approach was adapted and created by Julie Friedeberger a British Wheel of Yoga Teacher, who found her yoga practice to be invaluable to her after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

The elements of the practice work together holistically to support the healing process on all levels, physical, mental and emotional.

Simple (yet powerful) movements with awareness - repetition so that they can be easily learned and practiced at home. Working systematically, increasing mobility of the joints, stimulating blood and lymph circulation, enhancing vital organs and speeding up the removal of toxins.

The breath and breathing exercises - a range of breathing exercises combined with movement and visualisations, helping to focus awareness.

Breath awareness meditation - thoughts and emotions are allowed to surface into the consciousness so they can be observed, acknowledged accepted and released. A cleansing process that liberates stuck energy and held emotions, it is a therapeutic healing.

Relaxation / Yoga Nidra - calming the nervous system, lowers heart rate and blood pressure, dissolves muscular tension, also helping to improve concentration and sleep.


Pay as you go = £9

4 Weeks consecutive (multi-buy saving) = £20

NOTE: Due to the coronavirus pandemic, interactive On-Line Keep Moving Yoga classes are available from Tuesday 24 March (£7 per 75 min class)

Please ensure you prepare your space for your yoga practice. You need room to bring your arms wide and overhead. You will also need a suitable hard back chair, yoga mat and support under your feet to bring your thighs to parallel to the floor.

On-Line - Keep Moving Yoga

Interactive class via Zoom Video Conferencing.
Yoga cancer care specialist
Supporting people living with or recovering from cancer.

TUESDAY 13:30 (75 mins)

Suitable for complete beginners

Being active improves: cancer related fatigue; muscle strength; sleep quality; cognitive function; quality of life

Helping with: joint pain; depression; anxiety; lymphedema

Yoga supports the body's natural healing ability and helps to remove toxins from the body.

Experience and practice of Yoga techniques, which include simple gentle movements, breath awareness, visualisation and guided meditations.

Work from the Chair, Mat & Standing where possible.

If you are unsure whether this class will be suitable for you or have any questions or concerns please contact us.

See when On-Line - Keep Moving Yoga is offered

Yoga Kula

Kula is a Sanskrit word that can be translated as 'community', 'clan' or tribe. A sense of inclusion and belonging that can be cultivated through yogis coming together to practice yoga. The kula is considered sacred because it is a group of people who come together freely, with intention and a shared sense of purpose. In this way, the traditional idea of yoga as a personal and individual practice can be expanded to include more social aspects and experiences of connection with others as well as the self. If we harness the power of connection with loving intention, we can influence even greater positive changes in the larger community outside our yoga world.

What to wear 

Wear clothes that are comfortable and non restricting, women usually wear leggings and a T-shirt. Men usually wear training bottoms/shorts and a T-shirt. Bare feet is normal during class, (non slip socks could be worn in winter).

What to bring

Extra cushions for comfort if required, blankets and blocks are provided; Drinking water.


Try to allow at least two hours after a meal before you come to class (have a light snack if necessary)


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