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I was invited to Treehouse TV, 10 March 2018 - interview with Sheena Cundy

(It was still too chilly to ditch the coat, whatever she says)!


I was aware of energy and it's positive effects since attending my first yoga classes as a teenager. The energy changed how I was feeling, it became charged up whilst doing Sun salutations and posture work, and I noticed how it was flowing through and around my entire body during relaxation/meditation. This energy 'Prana' in Sanskrit, was described  me as the vital life breath/force. I always finished a yoga class feeling recharged and revitalised, feeling more positive about myself and my situations.


It wasn't until many years later I heard about Reiki Energy Healing, It sounded feasible to me that this same energy 'Ki' in Japanese, could be cultivated to benefit myself and others. I decided to learn more about this for myself and chose to train with Reiki Evolution as they offered a simple uncluttered approach, which echoed  the original practices of Japanese Reiki. I was now hooked - I loved it! Working with Reiki was an exciting natural progression for me, it supported and 'jigsawed' nicely with my existing practices and beliefs. (Note: Reiki is not tied to any religion and does not discriminate, it is available for ALL to use and benefit from).


Everyone will have their own experiences of Reiki Energy, for me I felt a pulsing of energy, sometimes like a magnetic force, more often heat/warmth. Whatever the sensation be sure that the energy will flow exactly where it is needed. Reiki brings us into balance internally and externally, and on all levels: mental, physical, emotional & spiritual. 

Offering Reiki Courses & Treatments - Since 2012

Having completed the three levels of Reiki training over five years, l am delighted to share this knowledge by offering all of the Reiki training courses Reiki 1 - Shoden for beginners, Reiki 2 - Okuden for practitioners & Reiki 3 - Shinpiden for  Reiki master/teachers, ensuring that students are well supported throughout the continuation of their Reiki journey. 

I teach a form of Reiki on my Reiki training courses that is a lot closer to the system taught by Reiki's founder, Mikao Usui, in the 1920s in Japan. Keeping things simple and teaching an uncluttered Reiki system that is intuitive, focused on self-development, and free from dogma. I am a course teacher for Reiki Evolution in Essex as well as teaching for Silver Spiral Holistic Health. All training courses utilise Reiki Evolutions very high quality supporting media, documentation and resources. 

Reiki Shares

Reiki Shares are a great way to keep up with your Reiki practice, offering support. All Reiki students welcome, from whichever lineage or Reiki Training school. I offer a Reiki share once a month in Rivenhall village hall to anyone who has completed a minimum of Reiki 1.

Offering Yoga Classes - since 2013

When returning to live in the UK from overseas (Christchurch, New Zealand), it was possible to continue my British Wheel of Yoga Teacher Training Studies. The course is now accredited QCF level 4, I have been offering yoga classes in Tiptree and Messing areas since April 2013 and feel very privileged to have established a wonderful Kula (yoga community), with huge thanks and appreciation to my students. To finally complete the course I had started so many years ago and receive my Teaching Diploma in December 2015, was a very special event in my spiritual/soul journey. I wish to acknowledge my love and gratitude to my guiding light and Teacher Elaine Fletcher and my amazing husband Tim Smith who have supported me throughout.

Teaching Yoga in Health Clubs since 2016

In addition to running my own private yoga classes, I also work self-employed as a Yoga Instructor at The Essex Golf & Country Club (Earls Colne) & Benton Hall (Witham). Where I currently teach Hatha Yoga & Teen Yoga on Fridays.

Offering EFT (Meridian Tapping) since 2017

EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques, (Meridian tapping) is an energy therapy which has profound results in most cases. I have recently qualified in as an Accredited Certified practitioner with AAMET, this therapy is very effective and produces wonderful results very quickly. 

I have been very impressed by the efficient results EFT can bring, with all different areas of our lives, personally I have found relief from trauma (earthquakes), sciatic pain, phobia (fireworks), limiting beliefs to name a few - EFT is an amazing tool, using the bodies energy system to allow the body to heal itself.

'The body will heal itself, if its energies are allowed to flow' 

Offering Reflexology since 2017

Having experienced the benefits of reflexology myself, I wanted to add this very effective tool to my armoury to share with others! Reflexology, a non-intrusive complementary therapy working on the reflex points on your feet or hands that correspond with different areas and systems of the body. Reflexology works holistically promoting wellbeing.

Offering Indian Head Massage since 2018

Indian Head Massage works on both physical and a mental level. By concentrating on the areas most vulnerable to stress and tension, it provides a de-stressing programme for the whole body. I am pleased to offer a therapy that offers relief for the neck and shoulders as this is where I personally hold a lot of my tension and have found Indian Head Massage to be very relaxing and enjoyable!

Neal's Yard Remedies Independent Consultant since 2018

Aromatherapy is very therapeutic and healing, I love to soak in a relaxing bubble bath with my favourite essential oils soothing away tension and allowing my mind to settle. My decision to become a NYR consultant allows me to share these products with you. 'Feel the Love' with Neal's Yard Remedies, check out the comprehensive catalogue and on-line shop to ensure you don't miss out on on these lovely quality products! 

British Wheel of Yoga Module 2019

In 2019 I was privileged to continue my training with he British Wheel of Yoga specialist module, 'Teaching Yoga to People Living with Cancer' the approach was created by BWY teacher Julie Friedeberger, when she discovered how invaluable her yoga practice was to her, on being diagnosed with breast cancer. The elements of the practice are gentle yet powerful, it is a holistic approach which promotes healing. I am pleased to be offering classes in 2020 to people living with or recovering from cancer.

Reiki Drum Practitioner Training Courses 2020
New for 2020, Reiki Drum Practitioner training, a beautiful 16" Remo Drum will be provided as part of your course - this healing is a synergy of Reiki and Shamanic drumming, which is very powerful and yet protective. Students will need to be at Second Degree (Okuden) or above to take this course, I am excited to share this wonderful healing technique growing the Reiki Drum family.

'One Truth - Many Paths'

We are all continually learning, gathering and building bits and pieces of our personal philosophy, as we live through our experiences. We are our own filters, when we are in-tune with our true nature/soul self, we intuitively know when we hear or read something that resonates with us. Spiritual development covers a huge range of practices, among the many I enjoy card reading (Vision Quest/Earth Magic and more . . ), guided meditations, automatic writing, mediumship and of course energy therapies!


Proud Winner of the GHP 2018 Alternative Medicine Awards

Silver Spiral Holistic Health

Best Reiki Treatment Provider 2018 - Essex




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